CT Aerospace

About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read below to find out how we got to where we are.


CT Aerospace entered the corporate aviation engine market in 2002 as Corporate Turbines to become the leading supplier of serviceable engines, engine parts, and related services to customers worldwide for the Pratt & Whitney JT15D series engines.​


Our name was changed to CT Aerospace in 2006, when Killick Capital, a private equity entity, acquired the business to align more with the commercial aviation segment's increased customer base while adding the Pratt & Whitney PT6A, PW100, PW300, PW500 engine series product lines.


In 2015 the business was acquired by VSE Corp., a public company less the commercial aviation segment, and expanded our product lines to include the Pratt & Whitney PW600 series engines and many of the Honeywell GTCP and RE100 APUs.


After being acquired by Legacy Turbines LLC in 2020, less the PT6A product line, the business continues to operate as CT Aerospace; providing engines and parts for the Pratt & Whitney JT15D, PW100, PW300, PW500, and PW600 series aircraft engines, as well as many of the Honeywell GTCP 36-100/150 and RE100 series APUs.